Third Annual Rio Grande Valley Luncheon

Keynote Speaker: Christina Meredith, Best Selling Author of CinderGirl: My Journey Out of the Ashes to a Life of Hope


Our 2024 Angel Honorees

Meet our resilient honorees who earn this award for overcoming all they have been through and persevering through life.
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Petra has never lost her vision of becoming a social worker. She credits the Department of Family & Protective Services and BCFS to be her biggest help and influence in her life, and is also one of Foster Angels of South Texas’ current Soaring Scholars. Petra endured abuse & neglect before moving in with her current foster family, who she has lived with since entering care. A loyal, hard-working, & responsible young lady, Petra graduated La Feria High School in 2019 while also working at a local restaurant – where she is still employed. She quickly enrolled at South Texas College to earn an Associates Degree in Social Work. During this time, she saved enough money to purchase her first vehicle, showing exemplary determination. She loves the outdoors and would love to travel to Mexico or another destination where she can help others; no matter where Petra goes or what she does, she is always looking for a way to help someone. You can now find Petra on her college campus pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. By May 2025, you’ll then find her walking the stage in her cap & gown. Her big heart and desire to help others will make her a life-changing caseworker for the many children who need care that only Petra can give! 


Darío is no different than other teens his age – he enjoys playing video games and often beats his opponents, both on his Playstation and in life. He’s been in foster care since 2017. In 2019 he met his current foster mom and they quickly created a very close bond. Darío is currently a senior in high school, but last year he obtained a welding certificate. He still has great plans to spread his wings and move on to college to pursue a nursing degree. Until then, Darío’s been taking a swimming course where he will be able to teach elementary students how to swim. Once he leaves for college, he intends on working as a certified lifeguard. Darío can’t seem to sit still, and that keeps us excited for what he will achieve next!


Alejandra’s story starts with a special angel that watches over her, keeping her motivated to better herself. She earned her high school diploma through South Texas Leadership Center. During that time, she worked in the laundry department at a local nursing home to financially help her aunt, where she was placed. She unexpectedly experienced the loss of her aunt, another devastating event in her life which added a second angel to watch over Alejandra. She moved on to work multiple jobs to make ends meet. In one instance at work, she was faced with a near-death experience, but came out unscathed – call it fate, but Alejandra is destined for a wonderful life. Committed to her ongoing education & future, she has become a Certified Nursing Assistant and is continuing to take online courses at Texas State Technical College. She remains cheerful, and we know she has clearer skies ahead. As Alejandra says, “There’s a lot of positive things in life, we cannot look at the bad.”