Meeting the needs of children in foster care and creating a sense of normalcy.

Since 1999, Foster Angels has served
children and counting.

The mission of Foster Angels is to improve the lives of children in foster care by ensuring each child has their basic needs met and providing life-enhancing, life-enriching opportunities whenever possible.

Be a ray of light onto the life of a child in foster care today by sponsoring a real need today.

17-year-old Noah is preparing to begin a career after graduating high school and isn’t waiting one second. He is currently finishing school, is enrolled in the fire academy, AND working as a server. He feels like the only thing holding him back is his smile and is desperate to straighten his teeth, but insurance won’t cover it. Make a donation towards his Invisalign today >>

After six years in foster care, caseworkers have worked extremely hard to make a sibling group of three stayed connected even when living apart. The two youngest siblings live in Corpus Christi, and their oldest brother is graduating high school in Bay City. They would love to see their brother graduate but need help getting there. Sponsor their trip here >>

Sisters Aly and Jenna need some summer entertainment while their caregivers are at work, and would like to go to the Boys and Girls Club camp this summer which will also help their caregivers tremendously.  Sponsor their camp now >>