This summer, our amazing community of donors and volunteers came together and collected brand new pairs of shoes for children and youth to go back to school with. Foster Angels always wants to ensure these kids feel confident and happy on the first day of school! To a child wearing new shoes that “make you run super-fast” or a teenager who wants the new shoes that are on trend are really important things for them. This allows normalcy, which makes them feel like they fit in when they already feel less than.

Through our donors and supporters, we were able to distribute 690+ pairs of shoes! Distribution areas included Corpus Christi, Rio Grande Valley and Laredo. Foster Angels works closely with Child Protective Services to ensure these shoes made it to the foster children experiencing the greatest needs. In addition to the shoes, we provided 873 children with other back to school needs such as supplies, clothing and gift cards.

We are continuously grateful to all of our supporters who helped make this possible, it was a record-breaking year for number of shoes donated. Thank You for making this huge impact in their lives! Watch a short highlight reel here!