Real Requests

Foster Angels of South Texas provides children in foster care opportunities that help develop social competence and self-assurance. Foster Angels fills these requests within 48 hours whenever possible.


The following are some examples of requests Foster Angels receives each and every day:

  • Justin, a 14 year old in foster care, had never shown an interest in any extracurricular activities. After expressing an interest in joining the band and wanting to play the trombone, his foster parents, who could not afford the additional expense, asked for help. Justin’s caseworker contacted us and within 48 hours Justin had a trombone, band shoes and a band uniform.
  • Jessica was removed from her mother’s care, as she was abused by her mother’s paramour. Although Jessica has been through a great deal, she remains strong and positive. Jessica really wanted to purchase her school pictures, so her caseworker contacted Foster Angels. Her pictures were ordered the very next day!
  • Christina, age 10, was removed from her abusive home and placed into foster care when she was just 2 years old. She always dreamed of being a ballerina and Foster Angels wanted to make that dream come true. In addition to funding her classes for 2 months, we made sure she had leotards, tights, ballet slippers, ballet shorts/skirts, and a dance bag.
  • Brian, 16, had been in foster care for several months, hoping he would be sent to live with his great-grandmother; however, was told he would not be able to go home with her. He was devastated. The only thing that seemed to give him comfort was his passion for art. Brian’s caseworker contacted Foster Angels and requested art supplies. We were happy to meet his need. When he received his gift he smiled for the first time in months!
  • Chelsea and Kara were in foster care for over 2 years awaiting an adoptive family. The girls, ages 11 and 15, were feeling down due to not knowing whether a family was out there that “wants” them. Both girls were in cheerleading and gymnastics and wanted new outfits for these classes. Their caseworker knew who to call! Foster Angels made sure Chelsea and Kara had the outfits they wanted before their next practice!
  • Daniel’s caseworker requested assistance to enroll him in a summer camp program. Daniel was experiencing some emotional setbacks due to his unfortunate circumstances. Along with offering sports, games, crafts, recreational challenges, museums, kayaking, tournaments, movies and award days, Daniel would be provided with a mentor, counseling, career workshops, socialization activities and qualified staff to help him with his emotional well being. Foster Angels was more than willing to give Daniel this opportunity and happily covered the camp fees.
  • Tamara, 17 years old, had been in foster care since the age of 13. She was graduating wanted to attend her senior prom; however, did not have funds available to purchase a prom dress. Foster Angels not only made sure Tamara had a dress, she also received shoes, accessories, a manicure and pedicure and had her hair done!