Board Members


Rajan Ahuja

Tricia Bates

Reagan Brown

Dane Bruun

Chase Carlisle

Will Cocke

Nancy Eshleman

Dos Gates

Paulette Guajardo

Barbara Head

Matt Layton

Richard L. Leshin

Barry McBurnett

Leslie McClanahan

Dr. Mike McNeil

Grete McCoy

Meredith K. Morrill

Ted Oakley

Ross Patchin

Lindsey Pietsch

Dabney Pettus

Will Pettus

Butch Pool

Courtney Rangel

Dr. Jamie Ungerleider

Richard R. Valls, Jr.

Marcus Veazey



Marty Berry

David Engel

Diane Gates

Christina Hawn

Susan Karp

Sheila Lawrence

Nelda Martinez

Alice Oakley

Phyllis Stephenson



Tara O’Connell – CPS

Real Requests

Foster Angels receives requests from children on a daily basis. See examples of real requests.

Thank You Notes from The Children

See how you can make a difference in the life of a foster child. View thank you notes from the children.